Why are you hereEdit

I don't know i'm not psycic ( jk i am ) and if you don't know why you're here, well then, make an article about your favorite toilet paper brand.


  • don't post stuff like " LOLOL GAYYYYY HAHA. I HATE SKOOL. PEN1S!!!!!! I'M NOT GAYYYY. PEN1S PEN1S" seriously its dumb and annoying.
  • don't totally fuck up another page about a fandom/topic you don't like. chill bro. this is the internet, shit happens.
  • DON'T YOU DARE PROMOTE YOUR ACCOUNT OR BLOG! no one cares, NO ONE. I see this ALL THE TIME, on youtube  and other user blogs." yo check out my account, i'm super dee duper talented and funny and kul! so yup im wayy bettur then u * fart noise* lol haha! i'm so funny" 
  • don't have fun. unless you're a girl, cuz thats just what they wanna have.
  • don't put anything innapropriate, unless it's funny, in that case its cool
  • here, 'swaqq' is not 'cool'. seriously, it has been used more than miley cyrus.
  • DON'T COPY JOKES FROM OTHER PLACES. keep it original guys.
  • only admin can edit the rules
  • no being a meanie


  • only kiss me if u mean it
  • cool kids only
  • knock first
  • if you wanna dance, just ask.
  • socks are fo ya feet silly
  • no cuts no butts no coconuts.
  • if all else fails, eat a taco
  • no trolling or using the 'troll face' stop. just. stop
  • bronies, anthros, or any other fandom/group. you're welcome here.
  • If you hate tacos, bacon, nutella, pie, or the tears of angels, you're not allowed here and a horrible human being who must be disposed of at once.

Welcome to the 무작위  WikiEdit

this is a wikia all about random crap. thinking about sandwiches? make a page about it! thinking about my mom? you're a sick pervert!

keep it clean! jk thats dumb

hungry? eat this wiki! it will taste like shit though, unless you add bacon.

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