Cows & cows & cows

Cows & cows & cows

If you try to ask what the Prophecy is, this is what we will do to you.


Arceus is the one who foretold the Great and Powerful Trix- Prophecy. I meant Prophecy. T.t

The Prophecy is very important to the universe. although its actual content is unknown by all but Arceus (who created it), Flutterwhy, and Lottieocelot, they will refuse to tell anyone what it is.

What is it about?Edit

the great prophecy is to happen when the bad korea (i forgot which is which) bombs everyone with nukes. some pokémon trainers will arise and stop them with Rayquaza and Xerneas. The Eggs that billy mayes laid will hatch and everything will get cray cray. and 4chan will...something. we refuse to tell.